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Designer Series: Jayda Ellis


Jayda Ellis is an up-and-coming Atlanta based fashion designer who was inspired by her aunt to start designing clothes at just seven-years-old. After learning how to sew and experimenting with different designs, Jayda made herself a prom dress and realized she wanted to make gowns. She went to college in Atlanta to study fashion but was paying for college on her own and had to leave because it was too expensive. To support herself, she made and sold prom dresses. During covid, she realized she wanted to do more than prom dresses and focused on creating a couture brand.

Learn more about designer Jayda Ellis by visiting her website: HERE

Follow Jayda on Instagram: @jaellofficial

Learn more about designer Chuks Collins by visiting his website: HERE

Follow Chuks on Instagram: @chukscollinsofficial

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