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Friday 5.27.2022

People Who Make Us Smile and Laugh

Feel Good Friday returns with actor and comedian Taylor Calmus from Magnolia Network’s “Super Dad.” Plus, veterinarians The Critter Fixers. And, a high school sophomore changing his community through technology.

Taylor Calmus – Dude Dad – Homemade Marble Track

Video Dude Dad Marble Game


  • 1 Large long piece of cardboard at least 8 feet long X 2 feet wide
    (MAKE SURE THERE ARE EDGES on both sides so marbles don’t roll off).
    Can be multiple pieces taped together. A couple of pizza boxes opened up could be great to use taped together.
  • 60 or more Colorful Popsicle sticks, 20 – cut in half, 20 reg size, 20 broken into quarter size
    Glue randomly on track, at angles like a pin ball machine.
    Glue sticks on the side so popsicle stick is facing up on track so marble has something to roll on.
  • 20 sticks of hot glue
  • Glue gun
  • Bag of marbles
  • 4 (12 oz) clear plastic cups
  • Duct Tape (White or any other color than black)
  • 1 Black Sharpie marker – place tape on cups and write points ( 50, 10, 25, 100), place at bottom of track at bottom of stairs to catch marbles.
  • 3 wooden 3inch skewer sticks (or can make as few or more spinners on track as desired) To make spinner, put small hole in cardboard to fit skewer or toothpick and glue it to popsicle stick so that it spins. Stick skwer through hole.
  • Lay track down on some sort of staircase to demonstrate, tape down.
  • Drop marbles from top to roll down and get scores


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