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Tamron’s Beauty Bar: Skin Care Tips from Nyakio Grieco


Here are a few skin care tips from Nyakio Grieco. She is an entrepreneur and cofounder of inclusive retail site Thirteen Lune. Nyakio recommends incorporating the below tips into your skin care routine:


  • Double Cleansing your skin by using two different cleansers.
    1. Keeps pores as clean as possible
    2. Use a cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin
  • Always start with a balm to melt away makeup/impurities of the day/sunscreen.
  • Oils are important for your skin.
    1. “Use oil to fight oil”
    2. People with very oily skin need more oil than someone with dry skin – their skin is working harder to produce oil, so adding more oil will help balance production
    3. As we age, we lose oils so adding some oil helps your skin
  • Sunscreen is not a seasonal thing.
    1. No matter the amount of melanin in your skin, everyone needs to use sunscreen to protect us against the harmful effects of the Sun
    2. Don’t forget to add sunscreen to your hands
  • Adding Vitamin C (HYPER SKIN VITAMIN C) to your sunscreen (ELEVEN BY VENUS WILLIAMS: UNRIVALED SUN SERUM SPF 35) helps the sunscreen work better.

  • Sample Routine
    1. Routine: Balm, double cleanse, vitamin C, make up, then sunscreen
      1. This routine gives your extra protection again the Sun.
  • Try incorporating these two tips to improve skin health:
    1. Facial Massages
      1. Put oil (THE THINGS WE DO ISLA OIL) on hand and rub on face, then massage oil into face with SUNDREE COOLING FACIAL GLOBE to drain toxins in an upward motion
      1. Helps detoxify body and exfoliation
      2. Do this before you shower – helps wash dead skin off body
      3. Always brush upwards
      4. When you get to the center of your body, brush in a circular motion
      5. Do this 3-4 times a week
  • Prouducts Nyakio recommends:
    1. MACABALM MOISTURIZING BALM – multipurpose hydrating balm that she uses all over her skin and loves as a makeup primer.
    2. DMH AESTHETICS LIGHT SHIELD – LED Masks are a great way to get a noninvasive light therapy
      1. Helps combat acne, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, dullness
      2. Promotes collagen, cleans out bacteria in pores
      3. Keeps on 20 minutes per light type (red, blue, amber)

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