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Stuck In Time: An Excerpt from Sarah A. Chrisman’s Book


An excerpt from Sarah A. Chrisman’s book, Spark’s Press: Book Seven in The Tales of Chetzemoka

“…His [bicycle] wheel slipped on mud and thudded over roots, but still he sped faster. His heart started pounding as it always did in a race, not from exertion alone, but from the excitement of the challenge. It always felt like if he could just go fast enough, he could outrace all his fears and doubts. People always said that he could never erase all the injustices in the world, that nothing could obliterate the hatred of difference that existed in the human heart. But not so long ago they’d said that no man could ever outrace a horse under his own power —and Felix had done that many times. Each new speed record seemed like something that couldn’t be broken, but he’d done it over and over again. He wanted to break all the records, to prove to the world and to himself that the word impossible had no meaning beyond that of a trap and a snare. Impossible is a humbug, he repeated, pushing himself faster…”

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