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Here I Stand: An Excerpt From Tameka Foster Raymond’s Book


Check out an excerpt from Tameka Foster Raymond’s book, “Here I Stand.”

“Nothing could prepare us for the backlash that we received in the weeks and months ahead. I had worked so hard for over a decade to build a career for myself behind the scenes. Now, here I was being tossed in the bullpen, stripped of my privacy, and being called manly, a gold-digger and unattractive. I was like “Dayuumm”(*Kevin Hart’s voice) that’s a lot to assume about a person based on a candid photo. I had always been a confident strong woman…never been called ugly. But once our relationship was out, people called me manipulative, evil, and blamed me for everything under the sun—global warming, any bad songs he made (past, present, and future), a wreck in Wisconsin… heck if he dropped his hat during a performance in middle school that was my fault too. They also said that I was the cause of his breakup with his famous ex, Chilli. Not true. He broke up with her in 2003. On top of that, I was not initially attracted to him, his attitude, style, age, and he was hard for me to work for so it was not ideal. Long before and into our relationship, these were my concerns. On top of that, he had several other notable trysts with models, dancers, mud ducks, and actresses before… and after we got together. People didn’t stop to bother to think about or remember that. Furthermore, they never think of real timelines. Start and stop times are important little details. Stop “cancelling” people without full details.”

For more on Tameka Foster Raymond, visit her website HERE.

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