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Getting Crafty: Let’s Make A Terrarium




-1 glass jar container with cork

-2 cups of gravel

-1 layer of activated charcoal

-Optional – mesh

-3-4 inches of organic soil with perlite

-3-4 houseplants (recommendations: Peperomia, Nerve plants, Ferns)

-fresh moss

-kitchen towel



*This terrarium is its own self-contained ecosystem that has the potential to thrive completely on its own. Once it’s sealed, you do not have to water it. The moss and soil will draw moisture into the plant roots, and the water will move upwards through the plant and eventually evaporate, leaving condensation on the sides of the terrarium, which will trickle back down into the soil. It’s a process called transpiration. It’s recommended to use houseplants that do well in humidity, like Peperomia, Nerve plants or ferns. Store the terrarium in indirect sunlight.

STEP 1: Glass jar container is already open. First step is simple: add one or two cups of gravel onto the bottom of the container. Optional – Place a mesh covering over the gravel. The mesh will act as a filter between the gravel and soil.

STEP 2: Add a layer of activated charcoal on top of the gravel and mesh.

STEP 3: Add a thick layer of soil, about 3-4 inches. It should be enough soil to plant your plants and cover their base.

STEP 4: Using your hand, dig out small spaces in the soil and place the plants firmly in

the space you have created for them. Press the soil around the plants so it is compact.

STEP 5: Place the moss on the surface around the plants. The moss helps create moisture, which will help make the terrarium completely self-contained.

STEP 6: Using a tissue or kitchen towel, wipe any excess compost from the glass, and put back the cork lid to close your terrarium. Place in indirect sunlight.


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