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“Tamron Hall” – Week of 7.12.21 – Patti LaBelle

MONDAY: They didn’t settle for one definition of success. How Patti LaBelle cooked up an idea to find a new voice. Plus, women building big businesses.

TUESDAY: Page-turning books everyone is talking about. Plus, breakout author Chad Sanders on his powerful new book, “Black Magic.”

WEDNESDAY: TV host and best-selling author Dr Laura Berman and her husband Samuel Chapman with a warning to families after the heartbreaking death of their 16-year-old son; they are joined by their 15-year-old son Jackson. Plus, devastating stories of kids taking their own lives during the pandemic and what we can do to keep kids safe.

THURSDAY: Real conversations between teens and parents: an inside look at the issues affecting teenagers’ lives. Plus, the cast of the new series “The Wilds” about a group of teenage girls’ fight for survival on a deserted island.

FRIDAY: Emmy-nominated actor Michael K. Williams (“Body Brokers”). Plus, quieting your inner critic: how to shut down the negative thoughts that are holding you back.

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