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Wednesday, 8.26.20

Tam Fam Surprises with Danny Seo; Debra Messing & Mandana Dayani; Lash Nolen; Deja Foxx; & Alina Morse

Tamron and lifestyle expert Danny Seo surprise Tam Fam members who opened their hearts and homes and adopted pets in need during lockdown. Plus, influential and impactful women, including: Emmy-winning actress and philanthropist Debra Messing and entrepreneur and attorney Mandana Dayani on their new podcast, “The Dissenters”; Erin Merryn, a mom of three on a mission to keep children safe from the abuse she endured as a child; 25-year-old Lash Nolen, the first Black woman to become class president of the Harvard Medical School; 20-year-old activist Deja Foxx, who made Vogue’s “21 Under 21” list; Dr. Jen Arnold from TLC’s “The Little Couple; and teen Alina Morse, CEO of a million-dollar business, which produces tasty alternatives to sugary candies. (OAD: 7/20/20)

All Episodes

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