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Wednesday 10.18.23

Tamron’s Tasting Table

Tamron’s Tasting Table: What Are You in the Mood For?: Tamron welcomes some of today’s most notable chefs to share their family recipes, kicking off with, New York Times best-selling author and chef ERIC KIM serving up his mom’s Kimchi fried rice. Then, the BBQ King of Brooklyn, RUBEN SANTANA returns with 11-year-old daughter Evani to share a family recipe from their restaurant, Bark Barbeque. And, renowned chef LISH STEILING joins the Tam Fam to share how she helped develop recipes for Tamron’s upcoming cookbook. Plus, Lish and Tamron whip up their biggest and best crab cake recipe!

Try Some of The Recipes Featured in the Episode:

Eric Kim’s Sheet-Pan Kimchi Fried Rice

Ruben Santana’s Pulled Pork Sandwich With Spicy Tangy Sauce

Lish Steiling’s Giant Crab Cake with Creamy Green Sauce

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All Episodes

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