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Tuesday 9.19.23

Granger & Amber Smith

Against All Odds: DAYTIME EXCLUSIVE: Tamron is joined by author and country singer, GRANGER SMITH and his wife AMBER SMITH. He opens up about his mental health following the tragic drowning and loss of their 3-year-old in the New York Times Bestseller, Like a River: Finding the Faith and Strength to Move Forward after Loss and Heartache.” Plus, why he’s leaving music behind for ministry and how the couples relationship endured such heartache. Then, founder of “Broadway Collective,” ROBERT HARTWELL, stops by to chat about the renovation of his 1820 colonial house and why he is living out his ancestors “wildest dreams.” RACHEL RODGERS is also here. The self-made millionaire, wealth coach and author shares her “millionaire action plan” with you. And don’t miss an all-new shop Tam Fam!

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