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Tuesday 4.11.2023

Harry Hamlin & Sunny Hostin

Leading Star In My Own Life: Actor HARRY HAMLIN joins Tamron to talk about everything – his new series, “Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches”, the upcoming star-studded film “80 for Brady”, and updates on his family. Co-host of “The View,” SUNNY HOSTIN shares how she took control of her life through life-changing plastic surgery and what it means to her. Then, screenwriter behind the hit horror-comedy film, “M3GAN,” AKELA COOPER discusses how she came up with the idea for the killer-doll movie, and what we should expect next. Plus, Pro Wrestler, BRANDI RHODES on her legendary career, motherhood, and her new parenting podcast, “2 Lies And 1 Truth.”

All Episodes

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