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Friday 2.17.2023

Jadakiss, Nyesha Arrington, & Bun B

Yummy, Power, Respect: The New Stars Taking The Food World by Storm! Fresh off his Grammy performance, iconic rapper, JADAKISS discusses joining forces with his son and father to create coffee business “Kiss Café.” They help Tamron make the perfect cup of coffee! Then, from “Next Level Chef” to the Tam Fam kitchen, Chef NYESHA ARRINGTON shares recipes blending her vibrant cultural backgrounds and training in top French-technique, all while upholding her mission to spread the message of love. Rapper BUN B reveals the secret to his award-winning burger, called the best in America. And, food Writer and Author of “Basic Bitchen Cookbook,” JOEY SKLADANY will have Tamron taste the most viral recipes trending on TikTok!

All Episodes

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