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Tamron’s Beauty Bar: Make-Up Tips From Katie Jane Hughes


New York based make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes shares her make-up tips to achieve the perfect dewy look:

  • Moisturizer is key to a natural makeup look.
    1. Place moisturizer in the right places – only put moisturizer in places that do not produce a lot of oil, add just a bit to places that do
  • Instead of primer, use moisturizer in places you plan to highlight your makeup.
  • Putting bronzer on face before foundation makes it look like its coming from beneath the skin.
  • Breaking down the face into sections helps create a more natural and dimensional look.
    1. Bronzer around face, blush as high points, foundation at the center
    2. Brows – Using a brow feathering pen to make hair-like strokes gives your eyebrows a fluffier/fuller look
    3. Lips -With an eyeshadow brush, blurring and buffing the rim of the lips, you can create a wider border that makes the natural lips look plumper
  • One of her biggest tips is buying products can be multi-purpose.
    1. Like buying cream-based blushes to use on your cheeks, but can also be used on your lips

Check out more of Katie’s tips in our “Tamron’s Beauty Bar” episode!

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