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Everything You Need to Know About Tamron Hall’s Diana Ross Look


The year was 1983. Diana Ross said it best, “If we can make this work, we can make anything work, baby.”

For this year’s “Hall-oween Spectacular,” Tamron Hall paid homage to the legend and channeled her inner Diana Ross.

First up, Tamron took to her daytime stage to kick off her show with the iconic orange sequin look with the cape… because, why not?

Eric, Tenelle, and Johnny –known as the Glammers– used this amazing performance below as inspiration:

Here’s how Tamron’s look came together:

The fun didn’t stop there, of course, Tamron couldn’t just do one look if she’s dressed as Diana Ross for Halloween… Next, she took on Ms. Ross and the Supremes with her iconic “Baby Love” music video look featured in the video below.

And, she NAILED IT:

The final supreme look of this magnificent celebration of the legend is inspired from the Motown days. Ross dawned this fabulous sequined look with luxurious fur-lined sleeves back in 1983.

Tamron brought it back to the stage today in all her glory:

Halloween is a little different this year. But that didn’t stop Moses from getting in on the fun with this year’s supreme theme. Moses is going as Billy Dee Williams from “Mahogany” this year:

What do you think? How’d he do? And, comment below – let us know what you thought of all the glamour!

Check out photos from our first Hall-oween show here.

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