Designers Dress Tamron Hall

by Team Tamron



All week long fabulous designers are dressing our host, Tamron Hall. We put out a call for designers to submit their awesome fashions that our host could rock and you all came through with the submissions!

On Monday‘s show, Tamron wore this beautiful dress by Kelsey Randall.

Dress by Kelsey Randall // Earrings by Gas Bijoux // Shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti
Dress by Kelsey Randall

For more information on Randall go to her website here.

On Tuesday‘s show, Marissa Wilson dressed Tamron in this look:

Dress by Marrisa Wilson // Shoes by Alaia // Earrings by Jennifer Miller
Dress by Marrisa Wilson

Get more information on Wilson’s fashions here.

On Wednesday’s show, Chris Gelinas dressed Tamron Hall in this beautiful dress:

Dress by Chris Gelanis // Earrings by Eliza Bruce Designs // Shoes by Gianvito Rossi
Dress by Chris Gelanis

Get more information on Gelanis’ fashions here.

On Thursday, Tamron wore a fabulous dress from Denzel Parris:

Dress by Denzel Parris // Shoes by Alexander McQueen // Jewelry by Gas Bijoux
Dress by Denzel Parris

Get more information on Parris’ fashions here.

Finishing the week off, on Friday, Tamron wore Kidde Itto:

Matching Blouse and Pants by Kidde Itto // Earrings by Jennifer Fisher // Silver Pumps by Saint Laurent
Matching Blouse and Pants by Kidde Itto

Get more information on Itto’s fashions here.

Check out how all the looks came together for Tamron here: