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UPDATE: Zach Received His Liver Transplant!


At the beginning of last week, Zach Branson learned his life-saving liver transplant was postponed due to the coronavirus.

He spoke about it with Tamron Hall:

After we filmed this interview, Zach told us that he was able to successfully get his transplant scheduled for this week. He had it this Monday.

We checked in with Zach (via email) and he shared this update with us:

“They (nurses, etc) keep telling me I’m the most alert and active liver recipient that they’ve seen. Keep checking to make sure i even have an incision. I feel good overall. I’m just a tad sore at the incision site and neck where they have some port tubes in me.”

He also told us that both his uncle (the donor) and himself both tested negative for COVID to allow this to happen.

He continued, “I am beyond grateful for the fast actions of the hospital and transplant department to separate COVID patients into negative pressure rooms on a completely different level. Not to mention how grateful I am that my uncle was still up for proceeding with the surgery, as I very well may have not, had I been in his position.”

So happy to hear Zach is doing well!

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