Meet the Co-Founder of the Popular Whole30 Diet

by Team Tamron


As seen in PEOPLE Magazine, Melissa Hartwig Urban discusses how she turned her drug addiction into a major successful diet that millions now try.

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In the days after rehab when I was still rebuilding my life, my Mom would occasionally mention she ran into someone at the bank or grocery store. "Oh, I saw so-and-so's mom; she mentioned (my old friend from high school) is married/just had a kid/moved to Portland/is in med school." • My first thought was always, "Cool, what did you tell them? Melissa's doing great, she spent five years addicted to drugs, stole from me, was fired from her job, and is fresh out of rehab?" • I struggled with feelings of worthiness, belonging, being lovable from the age of 16 until, oh hell, maybe just the last five years. To this day, I still have stories about what Brandon's parents or the teachers at my son's school will think when they hear or read I'm a recovering addict. I'm glad @People didn't want to run a story on me in the earlier days of Whole30, because back then, I would have leaned on this as desperately-needed proof that I was enough, I was worthy, I had "made it." • Today, shout-out to God and therapy, I don't need People or anyone else to tell me what I'm worth and what I deserve. And to be fair, my mom has always loved me and has never been ashamed of me, even in my darkest days. But it does feel nice knowing she'll be out there on Friday buying up every copy of @people in the local CVS to show anyone she happens to bump into at the bank or grocery store. • The online version is available at (link in profile); the expanded print edition will be out on Friday. I’m proud of this, and weirded out, and overwhelmed, since we’re being honest. • [Image: me, a smiling brown-haired woman, sits on the wooden floor of an empty loft in downtown SLC. The People magazine logo is in the top right corner, and my name (Melissa Hartwig Urban) appears above the headline, “From Heroin Addict to Whole30 (Co)Founder.” I did way more than just heroin, but I guess they would have run out of space.] • #justmelissa cover 📷 @vega35mm

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Hartwig shared her emotional and inspiring story with Tamron:

She also answered some of your questions from social media backstage with Team Tamron, check it out: