Be On The Show

Are You Struggling During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

We are looking for families that are facing extreme difficulties during these trying times. We want to tell your stories!

Are you a small business owner trying to figure out how you’re going to make ends meet or pay employees you’ve been forced to let go?

Are you a single mother that is now out of work and wondering how you’re going to be able to support your family? Are you concerned about paying the mortgage, car notes, buying grocery, and just getting by?

Are you a first responder working but struggling to figure out how to pay for childcare for your children? Are you on the front lines worried about contracting the virus and infecting your family? Are you working around the clock and experiencing mental stress and exhaustion?

Are you a college student at home and worried about graduation? Are you scared and uncertain about the future and the job market?

Are you a high school senior worried about college admissions, proms, graduation, the future in general?

If this fits you in anyway, please tell us your story and we may feature you on our show. Please be as detailed as possible.

Stay safe, Tam Fam and we’ll be back on the air soon to tell your stories. Let’s talk about it!